Community Engagement:  Schools and Community ... Together is Better!
Caroline Burton, Coordinator ~ (804) 642-9240

Office Hours
 Monday   8:00 am-9:30 pm
 Tuesday   8:00 am-4:30 pm
 Wednesday   8:00 am-8:30 pm
 Thursday   8:00 am-4:30 pm
 Friday   11:00 am-2:00 pm

(Hours are subject to change.)

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Community Engagement is a belief that learning is a lifelong process, that citizens have a right and a responsibility to be involved in decisions that affect their communities, that school facilities should be used as a learning center for all community members, that interagency cooperation and coordination avoids costly duplication of services, and that everyone should be involved in the education of the entire community.

The Gloucester Department of Community Engagement provides a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of the community and schools. Listed below are some of the many services the Community Engagement Coordinators provide:

  • Oversees the school’s volunteer programs
  • Publishes the school’s newsletters
  • Coordinates media coverage for special events
  • Supervises the use of school facilities during after-school hours
  • Facilitates the use of community resources through classroom speakers, outreaches
    and study trips
  • Provides enrichment and enhancement opportunities for students and adults
  • Attends community involvement meetings
  • Conducts needs assessments and surveys
  • Offers informational forums on local issues
  • Coordinates and/or assists with major school events
  • Serves as a liaison on the PTA Executive Board

The Community Engagement Coordinator is a county employee with an office located in each of the elementary schools.  Click here for a brochure of more information.

Help Our Students... Volunteer!

Many parents, older youth and community members volunteer their time and talents in our elementary schools to assist in the education of our children.  Volunteers are valuable resources in the classroom and assist in providing tutorial/remedial help, individualized instruction, and special learning activities. 

Volunteers also help with one-time events such as Fall Festival and Fitness Day, and offer after-school enrichment programs.

The Community Engagement Coordinator follows specific guidelines for appropriate placement of volunteers.   Before any volunteer is placed in a classroom or resource area, they must attend an orientation with the Community Engagement Coordinator and complete necessary paperwork, including criminal background checks.


Share your time and talent by hosting an after-school enrichment program or club!

This program provides diverse, fun and interesting programs to students during after-school hours.  The Community Engagement Department works together with community as well as and county organizations, high school students, and community members to provide opportunities for children to pursue cultural, social, and recreational interests.  The program is very flexible with varying times, number of sessions, and days (classes are usually held on Monday or Wednesday afternoons).  Some of the offerings may be a one time seminar/class, a 4-6 week session, an ongoing club, or a once/twice a month activity.  The main goal is to introduce students  to new things and provide them opportunities to develop their interests.

Click here for more information!


Use of Community Resources

The Community Engagement Coordinator assists school staff in identifying, scheduling, and coordinating a variety of guest speakers and outreaches, which are often inexpensive resources, which do not take students out of the classroom.  Guest speakers and outreaches are great ways for community members to become involved!